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Until now, users who wanted create WB9 e-commerce sites had very limited possibilities. They had to undergo the tedious process of creating a page with a product form, pictures and descriptions for each product, and upload them to the online server, using the standard shopping cart WB9 or the "Shop Plus" navaldesing, or carrying out the difficult and complicated process of integration from any of the existing e-commerce platforms such as magento pretashop with the WB9 project.

CMS PLUS born with the purpose of offering a serious, robust and easy to integrate platform, while adding the features that other platforms have, and WB9 users could not enjoy.

Based on the shopping cart from WB9, we have modified and added countless features, among which we can highlight the following:
Online Back-office
"Unleash The Power of WB9"
Add, edit and manage products in your online business has never been easier!

Obtain an overview of your products and some specific data such as inventory, price and category assigned to each product in addition Navigate easily between  your store products thanks to the ability to filter them out.
Product / Pages Dashboard
Products Editor
Add or Edit your items easily with an intuitive Product Editor. Add photos, videos, prices, options, discounts, modifiers price, taxes, shipping charges...

Create beautiful descriptions for products with the advanced capabilities from
CKEditor 4.1
Add and manage up to 7 pictures for each product using the KCFinder file manager.

Do not worry about the size of the images, CMS PLUS will crop and resize them on the fly for proper display on the e-commerce site
Take a look at the main features of the
Back-end and see for yourself that
"CMS PLUS" is the best choice
100% control over your Store-front design.
Check the design flexibility that CMS PLUS offers. really unbeatable!
Store Design
Orders Management
Manage your orders in a simple way and get all the necessary information with just one click.

Thanks to the seamless integration with Paypal, you may check orders are paid and which are not.

You can cancel any unpaid order without having to worry about reset the units in stock. Once an order is annulled the subtracted items will return to inventory automatically.
Multilevel Hierarchical Categories
Create and manage categories for optimal multilevel organization of your inventory and a better navigation experience for your customers.

With 3 hierarchical levels can organize your entire inventory on a Logic and simple way.
Advanced Shipping Costs calculation
CMS PLUS offers 6 different ways to calculate shipping costs, and in 3 of them in which ranges are applied, the ability to configure up to 10 different ranges.

Surely some of them meets your needs!
Multiuser management
CMS PLUS can be managed by multiple users, and is 100% compatible with the users management system from WB9.
Complete Blogging Platform
CMS PLUS includes a full blogging platform to help you get involved with your customer community.

There is no need to keep separate Blog software, we've got you covered. Blogging is one of the best SEO tools to help build your store.

Publish and categorize articles and create slideshows up to 7 Images.
Payments Gateways
With CMS PLUS shopping cart you can either accept payments directly with PayPal. It is 100% integrated in the system, and PayPal IPN Running.

So right out of the box, you can accept payments From
VISA, America Express, Master Card, And Discover in 24 currencies from 190 countries.

The only configuration needed is this one!

But if you wish, you can integrate yourself any payment Gateway.
Products Editor
Orders Management
Hierarchical Categories
Shipping Costs Calculation
Multiuser management
Blogging Platform
Payments Gateways
The Front end
Listings Products
Ajax Loading
Shoping Cart
CMS Slideshows
The Front end
Create fantastic e-commerce sites, thanks to the incredible design capabilities WB9 offers.

In only a few hours, you will have amazing results.

The combination of CMS PLUS 2.0 and WB9 offers design possibilities that other ecommerce platforms never got to have.

You can create the user experience that you want. The only limit is your creativity.
Product Listing 100% customizable.
With "CMS PLUS 2.0" you can customize the product listings as you wish. You can Customize from the size of the images, which are automatically resized and cropped up data and characteristics of each product to be displayed. You can also customize the CSS animations.

CMS 2.0 PLUS is the first e-commerce platform for WB with automatic pagination, for a comfortable navigation.

Menus navigation and search filters are automatically created based on the categories.
Listing Products
AJAX  - jQuery - PHP
When users navigate through the selection categories bar , items will be loaded dynamically by combining jQuery and AJAX.
Shopping Cart
Customize the style and arrangement of all elements in your shopping cart. You can customize the colors, fonts and labels from the Backend. Dashboard -> Shop Settings .
Dinamic Carousel
Create Carousel with dynamic content.

Promote products displaying them in an attractive way in other parts of your e-commerce site using the Dynamic carousels, which show the products marked as "Featured".

Increase your productivity and reduce design and development time.
Flexible e-commerce platform